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"When we're looking for innovation we turn to Remarkable Media"

James Tamanika Agency Director at Ooh! Edge

Ooh! Edge specialises in connecting brands to audiences through experience across Australian shopping centres, cafés, CBD office towers, airports, universities, gyms and sport centres.

"It was just an amazing experience to behold!"

Dario Spina CMO @ VIACOM Velocity

Viacom Velocity is a full-service marketing and creative content team within the Viacom Marketing & Partner Solutions group, built to super-serve our advertising partners.

Nikki Leynor

Nikki Leynor

SVP Brand Strategy

Nikki is our brand strategy leader. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Fashion, Entertainment & Ecommerce Tech and a passion to help brands engage and connect with their consumers in ways never done before. Nikki will do whatever it takes to ensure your brand reaches people on mass with targeted messaging, through record-breaking activations!

Simon Powell

Simon Powell

Co-Founder / CEO

Simon has a passion for delivering the unexpected. Remarkable Media is a fusion of bringing to life real technical innovation and combining these on the largest stages of all to bring the ‘Wow’ factor back into the world of experiential media. With a background in banking and finance, Simon has the exciting challenge of managing a global team, with the envious job of bringing Ryan’s creative genius to life on budget!

Ryan Osbourne

Ryan Osbourne

Co-Founder / Chief of Innovation

Ryan is the creative guru at Remarkable Media. He has a broad and varied background in everything from film production, aerial advertising, software development, and large scale event management. His exceptional technical knowledge combined with his insatiable appetite to create unique experiences for brands makes him an essential asset to the team at Remarkable Media.